Project Brief

LDA City is located at main Ferozpur Road, alongside the Southern arc of the Lahore Ring Road just 1.5 KM from the terminal station of Metro Bus Service (Gaju Mata). Entrances are planned on Ferozpur Road, across Hudiara Drain short of Kahna (Gateway 1) and along Butchar Khana Distributry Canal near Kahna (Gateway 2). This gigantic Housing Scheme will be a state of the art urban Development model providing housing facility to over 50,000 families.

Bounded by Ferozpur Road in the South, Defence Road/ Hudiara Drain in the North, 500 Meters alongside Buchar Khana Distributary in the South and Lahore – Karachi Railway line in the West, LDA City will be ultimately spread over 60,000 Kanals.

In order to render a very cost effective provision of LDA City plots to the end user, LDA has waved off 50% of the Development Charges on the exemption files/plots in LDA City. On top of that, the client’s shall be facilitated to pay the remaining 50% development charges in easy instalments spread over two years from the date of release or in lump sum upon delivery/possession of the plot, whichever is earlier.

LDA has raised an exclusive directorate, equipped with most modern/contemporary computerization and foolproof security arrangements to guarantee all time transparent transactions. Moreover, the Development Partners have also ensured an IT Secured System for sale purchase of Land and Files. A full-fledged marketing campaign is being launched by LDA & the Development Partners in unison.

The design and Town Planning has been assigned by LDA to an internationally known company “Osmani (Pvt.) Ltd.” and Professor Spiro N. Pollalis of Harvard University is heading the team.

The town plan envisages 42-45% of residential accommodation and 7-10% commercial areas. The remaining land is roads and open spaces/parks etc; which will give an elegant shape and living environment to each sector/block.

This project is unique in nature and magnitude, contemplated to be the largest scheme of the Province of Punjab. LDA City has been launched on the basis of land sharing methodology between Development Partners and LDA. This housing scheme is the largest of the province, designed on the state-of-the-art urban development model, making provision for housing units of all categories expecting to attract residents from all strata of life, high rise buildings and modern commercial centers aiming to give a boost to the city’s economic life. The scheme will bring out a fresh and developed face of city providing healthy lifestyle to its residents at affordable costs.


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